Health and Safety

Our main goal is to reduce injuries and accidents at work to ensure employee safety, eliminate health damage, reduce negative impact of our activities on the environment, and improve the image and reputation of Tolkynneftegaz TOO in accordance with the policy on occupational health, safety, and the environment. We continue to strengthen our safety culture, increase top management commitment to safety and health, broaden our employees’ rights and capacities (giving them the ability to stop work that they believe is being done in a hazardous manner), and investigate the core causes of accidents.
Over the past three years the management of Tolkynneftegaz TOO has been resolutely promoting and advocating the following principles:
  • Priority of the value of life and human health over the results of production activities;
  • Involvement and training of managers at all levels on HSE matters;
  • Personal responsibility of employees for compliance with safety requirements;
  • Creating a positive safety culture to prevent accidents and incidents;
  • Effective communication between all stakeholders;
  • Safe performance of works and correction of unsafe behavior.
  • We’ve made excellent adjustments to our company’s occupational safety and health culture, and we’ve increased reporting transparency by more than 300 percent. The membership of Tolkynneftegaz TOO will be the next step in increasing transparency, since it will allow for the interchange of knowledge and information. Accident investigation and incident prevention, based on root cause analysis, training, and sharing of information on lessons learned throughout the group of enterprises, had a positive impact on reducing.

    We continue to compare ourselves to similar oil and gas firms (International Organization of Oil and Gas Producers, IOGP) in order to find areas for improvement in occupational health and safety and to reduce the number of accidents and industrial events. The following effort has been done to improve the safety culture and reduce the number of injuries in production:

  • All vehicles of the Group are equipped with safety seat belts;
  • A Program “Behavioral Safety Surveillance” was developed;
  • Corporate documents were developed.