Company Strategy

Tolkynneftegaz TOO is a significant business in Kazakhstan’s hydrocarbon exploration and production sector, as well as a leader in the Caspian oil and gas sector. Our aim is to maximize shareholder value through successful hydrocarbon exploitation while also offering long-term economic and social benefits to the regions where we operate. Tolkynneftegaz TOO is guided by the following priorities in carrying out its goal

  • Safe working conditions of its employees, as well as rational use of natural resources adhering to the best standards of environmental and health protection.
  • Human capital development, which Tolkynneftegaz TOO sees as a key aspect in the company’s growth and competitiveness
  • Exploration as a basis for long-term growth of the Company and the way to increasing the resource base.
  • Profitability as a necessary condition for the existence of the Company
  • The increase in shareholder value is Tolkynneftegaz TOO’s primary goal. Tolkynneftegaz TOO aims to increase shareholder value by increasing hydrocarbon reserves and production, enhancing the profitability of current assets, and generating new business prospects. The Company plans to enhance hydrocarbon output and reserves by:

  • Maintain current oil production at existing fields
  • Increase the recovery rate at existing fields
  • Conduct exploration in high prospective exploration areas in Kazakhstan and abroad, and conduct further exploration of existing fields
  • Acquire new assets, both in Kazakhstan and abroad, with emphasis on selected priority regions
  • Expand the Company’s asset portfolio with offshore projects and natural gas assets
  • Profitability of the existing and new assets will be ensured through:

  • Improved cost management
  • Improved efficiency of business processes and technological processes, including through their automation
  • Implementation of new technologies
  • Optimization of asset structure and business management model
  • Development of new business competences will be achieved through:

  • Establishing long-term partnership agreements with leading oil and gas companies in exploration, production, and service
  • Staff training and development
  • Development of own technical and technological expertise, experience of the management in offshore projects, gas business and international assets including through partnerships with large international oil and gas companies.